Putin Facing International Isolation Efforts

Photo credit: Express.co.uk

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ordering of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the international community has been determining how best to respond. 

One such effort underway is to isolate Putin and Russia diplomatically, and challenge the country’s right to hold a permanent seat of the UN Security Council. It is being examined not he grounds that Russia took the seat from the Soviet Union after it became defunct in 1991, and there was no proper authorization. 

Another consideration being made is the removal of Russia from its presidency of the UNSC. The role of the presidency rotates monthly between the 15 member states. The presidency is able to shape the monthly agenda and chair meetings. 

This became an issue in the UNSC this week. Russian envoy Vassily Nebenzias was chairing an emergency meeting on Wednesday night when Putin made his announcement of the assault on Ukraine. The Russian envoy read text messages sent to his phone by Putin’s government, justifying the attack on Ukraine. He upheld the misinformation that an invasion was not underway, but that it was a special military operation. 

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Tok a very rare step this week of accusing Russia of breaking the UN Charter. 

Most all of the UNSC members condemned Russia for its attack. A draft motion to condemn Russia and call for the country to unconditionally withdraw from Ukraine is being negotiated behind the scenes at the United Nations, and it is expected that it could be debated this week.

Russia is one of five permanent members to sit on the security council. This means it can simply use its veto to avoid debating whether to condemn it. 

Tensions within the UNSC continue to boil over this week, especially between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine’s envoy said to his Russian counterpart that there is no purgatory for war criminals. “They go straight to hell, Ambassador.”

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