Trump Calls Putin a “Genius” for Ukraine Aggression

Former President Donald Trump said Russian Vladimir Putin’s escalation of the Ukraine crisis was “genius” and “wonderful.” Trump called Putin “very savvy,” and labeled his decision to declare two regions of eastern Ukraine as independent and moving Russian troops to them as “genius.” 

Trump said that he saw the escalation of the crisis on television and said “This is genius.” He continued that Putin declaring a big portion of Ukraine as independent was “wonderful.” 

His comments praising Putin have not gone over well in Congress or around the world. Leaders and experts question why Trump would issue statements that bolster the aggression of Russia. Experts said it also ironically makes him look weak on Russia and weak to Putin. 

The former U.S. president has not shied away from the fact he is a long-term admirer of Putin. Trump was impeached over allegations that he threatened to withhold American aid to Ukraine unless it could help damage the reputation of successful presidential challenger Joe Biden.

While he continued to praise Putin, Trump also asserted that if he were still president the invasion would not have happened. “I know him very well, very, very well,” Trump said of Putin, not only asserting that he knows Putin, but furthermore continuing that therefore Putin somehow would not have made the same decision if Trump had not lost the election. 

Trump took to Fox News late Wednesday night to blame the “rigged election” loss on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But when he brought up the 2020 election lie, news host Laura Ingraham cut the interview short. 

Ingraham was asking Trump about weakness in the U.S. and where NATO stands in terms of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Trump pivoted to his infamous lines instead about voter fraud and the 2020 election being rigged and blamed Russian aggression on Ukraine on this proven falsity. 

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