Apple Plans AirTag Updates to Curb Unwanted Tracking

Apple has announced that it will add safeguards to their AirTags in order to cut down on unwanted tracking, stalking, and theft. 

Women have reported being tracked by AirTags after they were placed, unknown to them, into their belongings. 

Apple said it has been working with safety groups and law enforcement agencies in order to identify how to update safety warnings for AirTags, including updating the system to alert people sooner if an unwanted tracker is being located near you. Currently, it can take hours for an AirTag to make an alert that it has been separated from its owner. 

Other updates will include tweaks to the tone sequence so that the device is louder and easier to locate. It will also update to allow someone to see its distance and direction through a precision finding tool in iOS. 

Apple will also include warnings when users set up AirTags that tracking people without their consent is a crime. Starting Thursday, when someone goes to set up an AirTag, a message will appear stating that using an AirTag to track people without consent is criminal and that the only use for the device is to track belongings. 

AirTags landed in the Apple repertoire of products last spring. The Bluetooth locator attaches to any items, such as keys, laptops, wallets, even a car. Anything can use an AirTag to gain a digital footprint. 

While AirTags have made some things easier, the device have been used for evil as well. Individuals have reported unwanted tracking alerts. But there have reports of people misusing AirTags for criminal purposes and with malicious intent. 

Experts and advocates in violence against women have said they are happy the company is engaging in conversations about victim safety, and are willing to improve safeguards. Domestic violence campaigners and organizations have also welcomed the new updates. 

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