Tech Giant Dell to Invest Over $20bn in the Next Five Years

As data is increasingly becoming the world’s new oil, the US tech giant Dell Technologies has announced its plans to invest over $20 billion in six major technologies in the next five years, including 5G and artificial intelligence.

The other investments will focus on multi-cloud, edge computing, machine learning, and cybersecurity, technologies that are going to be the trend in the next couple of years.

Dell’s senior vice president of Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, Mohammed Amin, said that after it has invested a combined $20B in R&D over the last 5 fiscal years, Dell Technologies will now go forward and spend $4.5 billion on R&D per year.

Its investment in the last five years has resulted in solutions and services – from the core to the edge to the cloud- and in tech leadership, innovation, and a market-leading portfolio of best-of-breed technologies, Amin has explained.

Pointing to the importance of data, which he says it’ll be the “new oil”, Amin pointed out that by 2030, over 50 percent of the global economy will be digital. He also noted that around 85 percent of data in the next three years will be created using one of the technology Dell Technologies will invest in, the edge computing.

Underscoring the importance of being close to the customers, Amin added that Dell Technologies has established its largest office within the emerging markets area in Saudi Arabia, which is among Dell’s top 10 countries and has employed 300 employees there.

He noted that because Dell Technologies is part of the customer-business transformation, they understand what the customers in the Kingdom want, citing Saudi’s Vision 2030 and its digital plans as an important aspect of the Kingdom’s amazing transformation in the last three years.

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