Durbin Stands in Support of Biden’s Nominees for SCOTUS

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, supported President Biden’s announcement last week that his Supreme Court nominee would be a Black woman, Fox News informed.

Following the announcement of Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement, Biden promised last week to select a Black woman to the Supreme Court.

As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Durbin will supervise the confirmation process. He declined to say which of Biden’s nominees he personally supports.

Durbin spoke to George Stephanopoulos on Sunday claiming that he will trust Biden’s judgment on this issue and that he does not want to put his finger on the scale for anyone nominee by the US President.

California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger, U.S. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, and U.S. District Judge J. Michelle Childs are the potential nominees shortlisted by Biden.

Durbin also stated that he sees an extraordinary talent in the nominees and that all the candidates have been put to the test, adding that all of them are first in many fields of race and gender.

Biden has been chastised for choosing from solely a pool of Black female applicants for the Supreme Court vacancy, according to critics.

Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley said the move was a litmus test for race and gender.

Republican Senator Roger Wicker, on the other hand, claimed it was a some sort of affirmative action.

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