VP Harris to Travel to Honduras to Address Illegal Immigration Issue

Kamala Harris calls for unity of democracy
Image credit: EPA

Vice President Kamala Harris will head the American Presidential Delegation to Honduras for President-elect Xiomara Castro’s inauguration, Fox News informed.

Harris announced a plan to contribute $540 million in private investment to Central America a month ago, with the goal of improving living standards and curbing migration to the US border.

Cargill, PepsiCo, and Parkdale Mills have all donated around $150 million to regional infrastructure initiatives.

President Joe Biden has appointed Kamala Harris in March to head the administration’s response to the southern border issue, which included cooperation with countries from Central America in order to tackle the “root causes” of emigration, the administration states.

Republicans mocked Harris as the administration’s “border czar” and slammed her apparent lack of interest in visiting the border in her job as vice president.

In response to requests for her to visit the border, Harris famously quipped during the summer that she hadn’t been to Europe in her capacity as vice president either.

Her comments, however, prompted significant condemnation, triggering Harris’ first trip to the border two weeks later.

Harris has subsequently unveiled a comprehensive new policy targeted at addressing the core causes of migration in Central America, including economic inequality, democratic corruption, and gang violence, in the hopes of reducing the flow of migrants.

Illegal border crossings at America’s southwest have increased dramatically since Joe Biden assumed his presidential position and show no signs of stopping, with U.S. Border Patrol personnel encountering 192,001 persons wanting to cross in September of last year, according to the most recent figures.

This was up from 52,546 in 2019 and 57,674 in 2020.

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