GOP Members Demand an Apology from Fauci after He Called Roger Marshall a Moron

In a letter to White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci, the GOP Doctors Caucus demanded that he should immediately apologize for calling Republican Senator Roger Marshall, a “moron,” Fox News informed.

The doctors’ letter to Fauci was organized by GOP Doctors Caucus vice chair Republican Representative Greg Murphy from North Carolina, who blasted President Biden’s senior medical adviser for his unprofessionalism toward the senator from Kansas.

While “some medical illness conditions lend themselves easily to professional consensus,” the lawmakers concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed “everything but.”

The Republicans responded that they “understood that congressional hearings can be difficult at times,” and that Fauci’s “behavior” in calling Marshall, a fellow physician, a “moron” during a Senate hearing, was “very unprofessional and unnecessary.”

Marshall “is a highly qualified doctor and highly recognized,” they said, adding that “even in disagreements, physician colleagues should not descend to calling other colleagues immature names.”

Representatives Brad Wenstrup of Ohio, Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa, and Brian Babin of Texas are among the 13 Republicans who signed the letter.

Fauci’s vicious remark against Marshall stemmed from their spat over the public release of Biden’s top medical adviser’s financial reports, which sparked a Republican uproar.

Marshall was not one to take it lying down, and he revealed Fauci’s most recent financial declaration, which had not yet been made public.

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