Black Space Diamond Heading to Auction

Photo credit: Instagram/Sotheby's

This black diamond is literally from out of this world. The auction house Sotheby’s unveiled today in Dubai a 555.55-carat black diamond called “The Enigma.” It’s believed to have come from space. 

Sotheby’s believes that the diamond was formed through extraterrestrial origins because it is made up of carbonado diamonds. It was either formed when a meteorite collided with the Earth more than 2.6 billion years ago, or it came directly from a meteorite itself. 

Black diamonds are exceptionally rare, and can only naturally be found in Central Africa and Brazil. 

The space diamond is expected to sell for at least $6.8 million, the equivalent of 5 million British pounds. 

A jewelry specialist at the Dubai location of Sotheby’s, Sophie Stevens, said that the recurring number five is because of the importance the number bears to the region. The diamond has 55 facets as well. 

Stevens said that the diamond’s shape is based on “The Hand” palm symbol from the Middle East, also called the Khamsa, which represents blessings, power, protection, and strength. The Hand, particularly showing the open right hand, is seen as a potent protector against the evil eye.

In Arabic, Khamsa literally translates to the word “five.” 

The rare diamond was never shown to the public by its previous unnamed owner for the past two decades. It was originally acquired as a rough stone 20 years ago by the current owner, and then turned into the 55-face jewel by experts, and finally being displayed for the first time. 

The cosmic diamond was unveiled in Dubai as part of a diamond tour, where it will head from Dubai to Los Angeles to, finally, London, where the auction will take place in February in Sotheby’s. Cryptocurrency is expected to be accepted as payment as well as traditional types of payments.

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