Abu Dhabi Tanker Blast Caused by Drone Attack Kills Three

One Pakistani and two Indian nationals were killed and six other people were injured Monday morning in an explosion involving three petroleum tankers situated at the Musaffah ICAD 3 area – near an ADNOC storage unit in Abu Dhabi – WAM state news agency reported in a tweet.

Abu Dhabi police report informs of another minor fire that occurred at the same time at a construction site at Abu Dhabi International Airport and their investigation indicates, based on the found fragments at the scene, that the explosion and the fire may have been caused by alleged drone attacks.

The police said in a statement that prior to the explosion, drones were spotted in the area and noted that the parts of a small plane initial investigations found could possibly be a drone that could have caused the explosion and the fire.

Shortly afterward, Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi movement has claimed responsibility for the attack while the Saudi-led coalition, according to claims, had purportedly downed three drones launched towards Saudi Arabia.

Local media claim that due to the drone attack, Abu Dhabi International Airport has suspended all flights for the time being and police are currently investigating the two incidents.

The Houthi movement’s military spokesperson said that the group would be announcing soon details of the military attack on the UAE they launched amid the increased tensions between them, and the Saudi-led military coalition backed by the UAE, which has a great influence on the Yemeni forces it armed and trained in 2019 prior to decreasing its military presence in the region.

On top of repeatedly launching cross-border missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, Houthis have also claimed a few attacks in the UAE in the past, which have been mostly denied by Emirati officials.

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