US Changes Mind About Supporting TurkStream Israel Competitor

The US will shift its attention from the East Mediterranean Gas Pipeline (EastMed), which could connect fields off the coast of Israel and Cyprus with Greece and Italy, to transmission channels for electricity generated by “green” energy, according to a statement from the US Embassy in Greece.

The report says that in defending the energy security of Europe, the US seeks to deepen relations in the region, as well as to promote “environmentally friendly” energy technologies.

The White House says it remains committed to creating physical connectors to send energy from the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe. However, it notes that attention is shifting to compounds supporting both gas and renewable energy.

“We support projects such as the planned EuroAfrica interconnector from Egypt to Crete and mainland Greece, and the proposed EuroAsia interconnector to connect Israeli, Cypriot and European electrical networks.” the White House said in a press release.

It added that such projects could also connect vital energy markets and help prepare the region for a clean energy transition.

A State Department spokesman also said that “the US is critical of new projects running on fossil fuel infrastructure.”

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