US Must Prepare for War with Russia, Former Obama Official Claims

Photo credit: Reuters

Washington could be obliged to step in militarily if Moscow decides to mount an invasion of Ukraine soon, which is very likely to happen, the former Defense Department official Evelyn Farkas has warned saying that the US must ready itself for a war with Russia.

Farkas, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia from 2012-15 under President Barack Obama, published her claims in an op-ed in Defense One on Tuesday.

She’s backing up the claims with her experience in helping former Obama manage the American and the international response to the initial Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014, and the US effort to prevent Moscow to occupy the whole country the year after.

Arguing that an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine is “more likely than not,” Farkas insisted that the ongoing diplomatic dialogue between Moscow and Washington will likely fail.

Her war call is echoing former President George W. Bush’s words used when forming an alliance to invade Iraq in 2003, urging the US to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin by marshaling an international coalition of countries willing to help and, if needed, to go into war.

Farkas believes that Putin’s plans to invade Ukraine are even more likely now that Russia is emboldened by the recent turmoil in neighboring Kazakhstan where its troops were invited to help and is continuously failing to abide by international law.

Her claims in light of this week’s meeting in Geneva of US and Russian senior diplomats to discuss security guarantees Moscow has demanded from Washington and NATO in December.

She’s warning of the risk of Putin moving swiftly to grab some land and consolidate his gains, leaving the US stuck in a crisis not just over Ukraine but about the future of the global order.

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