Voters Move to Block Trump Ally Madison Cawthorn from Re-Election

Madison Cawthorn
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Voters in North Carolina notified state officials Monday that they want Republican first-term congressman Madison Cawthorn disqualified as a congressional candidate and therefore blocked from seeking re-election due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol. 

Lawyers filed a candidacy challenge on behalf of voters in North Carolina with the state’s board of elections, an organization that oversees the process of scrutinizing candidates’ qualifications. Cawthorn formally filed as a candidate in December. 

The voters say that Cawthorn cannot run because he fails to comply with a constitutional amendment that was ratified following the Civil War. The amendment from 1868 states that no one can serve in Congress who as a member of Congress “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same.” 

On Jan. 6, Cawthorn publicly questioned the outcome of the 2020 presidential election during the “Save America Rally” that took place before the insurrection on the Capitol. At that rally, Cawthorn made false and baseless claims that the election was stolen from election loser Donald Trump. Cawthorn has repeatedly been accused of firing up the crowd, which then soon stormed the Capitol. 

The challenge against his eligibility as a candidate says that the Jan. 6 events “amounted to an insurrection,” and that Cawthorn’s speech, combined with other comments made publicly, provides reasonable belief that he helped to facilitate the violence, thus disqualifying him. 

Madison Cawthorn is a staunch Trump supporter and a favorite among Trump supporters. 

But the young congressman faces a slew of scandals. He has been under scrutiny in the past for social media posts that resulted in him being labeled as a white nationalist and even a nazi sympathizer. 

A whopping 150 of Cawthorn’s former classmates have spoken out about his gross misconduct towards women, disorderly conduct, and predatory behavior. Cawthorn has been accused of sexual harassment, being a sexual predator, and attempting to pressure and force women into sexual activity. 

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