White House Backs CDC after New Covid-19 Guidelines

The White House backed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday after its newest COVID-19 testing and isolation advice left many people perplexed, Fox News informed.

If children and adults test positive and are asymptomatic, the top health agency said on Tuesday that their isolation time might be cut in half, from 10 to five days.

The CDC declined to provide a specific testing recommendation, instead stating that those who have “access” and “want to” can take a test.

However, some people are perplexed by the developments, given coronavirus cases have risen to new heights in recent weeks, thanks to the extremely contagious omicron type.

Psaki’s remarks come only one day after the Chicago Teachers Union made headlines by unexpectedly postponing in-person teaching until the virus “dissipates” or Mayor Lori Lightfoot can negotiate terms for returning to the classroom.

Although the CDC has not recommended reopening schools, Psaki stated on Wednesday that local school districts will ultimately decide what is needed for their schools.

As the virus spreads, the CDC’s press secretary said the agency is continuing to address “measures that need to be done in order to protect the American people.”

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