Trump Abruptly Cancels Jan. 6 Event After Allies Said It Was a Bad Idea

A House of Representatives committee examining former President Donald Trump's withdrawal of sensitive materials from the White House.

Former President Donal Trump abruptly canceled a news conference he had originally scheduled on the one-year anniversary of his supporters’ deadly insurrection on the Capitol. 

In a statement, the former president said that instead of having a full news conference at his Mar-A-Lago resort, he would instead attend a rally in Arizona on Jan. 15 and discuss many of those topics there. 

Trump announced a plan on Dec. 30 to have a Mar-a-Lago conference as part of some “counterprogram” to the remembrance events that will be held at the Capitol to mark the anniversary. 

It quickly drew concern from Republicans and from his own allies, questioning whether it was the right idea for him to seize the spotlight. They believed Trump hosting a news conference would be a needless, harmful distraction. It also became clear that his conference would likely not receive the widespread coverage and attention he wanted for the event, so his own advisers even said he should reschedule.

They also said he should perhaps not draw more attention to what is considered a low point of his one term as president. 

Nearly exactly one year ago on Jan. 6 2021, thousands of Trump supporters and far-right wing groups stormed the Capitol, in what marked the worst assault on Congress since the War of 1812. The supporters were attempting to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory as President in the 2020 elections.

They were fueled by Trump, his aides, and his supporting media outlets’ false claims that his election loss was because of fraud — a claim that has continuously been disproven. 

But Republicans and Trump have attempted to draw attention away from the fact that it was indeed his supporters who violently stormed the Capitol in order tom tall the certification of the election. 

Trump has turned to blaming the media as well as the ongoing House select committee investigation into the insurrection for his news conference cancellation. 

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