Bannon’s FJB Crypto Volume Skyrockets Over 1000%

The price of the new “alternative” cryptocurrency FJB that Steve Bannon, White House chief strategist during the Trump administration, has recently promoted to help Trump’s supporters to fight for America skyrocketed in the last two days.

According to data, the 24-hour volume of Let’s Go Brandon! (FJB) crypto skyrocketed over 1,230 percent and its price surged 252 percent to US$ 0.003348 per token. As it is a relatively new digital asset, FJB could go down due to high volatility but is nonetheless expected for its price to increase in the future.

Launched in October this year, the FJB crypto is the native coin of Let’s Go Brandon – a project which runs across America and which is looking to build a decentralized media organization – and its use is to act as its voice, aspiring to become the first digital asset for right-wing supporters in the US.

FJB, whose name appears to be a reference to “F*** Joe Biden” viral chant, has a total supply of 40 billion with some 17.8 billion tokens already burned. It will also act as a native utility token once the media company is up and running, while the articles posted on the platform will be stored permanently on the blockchain.

According to the website for the FJB, the project was started with two main objectives: informative and charitable.

It aims to build a community where people are free to voice their views without fear of being shamed, discriminated against or canceled and to help veterans, first responders, and all those who have dedicated their life for the country.

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