US is to Blame for the Tensions in Europe, Putin Says

Since the euphoria that followed the victory in the Cold War, the United States has been conducting an anti-Russian policy and is to be blamed for the escalation of tensions in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday in his speech at a Russian Defence Ministry board meeting.

According to Putin, Moscow has every right to take adequate retaliatory military-technical measures in response to the unfriendly, obviously aggressive steps by the US and will do so to ensure the security and sovereignty of Russia.

He believes the US has failed to make proper conclusions after the Cold War and is prompted to conduct its anti-Russian policy fueled by the euphoria that still holds it.

Recalling the bombing of Yugoslavia in the late 1990s, the Russian president has blasted Washington’s actions in countries like Iraq and Syria, also pointing that it has done the toughest things without any sanction from the UN Security Council.

Putin pointed that the US has destroyed Iraq first and created an international terrorism hotbed, justifying its mistakes with intelligence failures, and has later moved to Syria where they did what they wanted without being sanctioned by the Security Council.

Although Moscow stands for equal and indivisible security in Europe and does not require any special conditions for itself, Russia, as Putin underscored, is continuously worried by the actions of the West such as the large-scale exercises, the deployment of elements of the US global missile defense system near the Russian border and the buildup of US and NATO troops directly on Russia’s borders.

He stressed that Russia awaits a clear and comprehensive response from the US to its security proposals, noting that it was US President Biden who proposed appointing negotiations envoys on stability during their December talks on Ukraine’s situation.

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