Maxwell Sex Abuse Trial Resumes

Photo Credit: Reuters/EPA/Getty Images

Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking and sex abuse trial resumed this week. 

A new witness, who testified under the pseudonym “Kate”, took the stand Monday. Kate said that Maxwell befriended her when she was 17, which is under the legal limit for sex in the U.S., but above the age of consent in the United Kingdom. Since the pair met in Paris, but the court case is in New York, it was unclear how these crimes should be tried, and whether they should be considered illegal sex acts for consent.

The judge said Monday that since the sexual encounters with Epstein happened in the United Kingdom, the jury should view her as being of the age of consent. 

Maxwell befriended Kate, and would pressure her into “fun”, Kate said, as well as bring her gifts to encourage participation. Maxwell also asked Kate to find young, pretty, cute girls to have sex with late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, because his demands were “insatiable.” 

Kate also said that Maxwell brought Kate a schoolgirl’s outfit and laid it out on her bed, telling her that she thought it would be a fun outfit to take Epstein to tea wearing. Kate wore the outfit out with Epstein and later he had sex with her. 

Kate said that Maxwell would masterfully turn conversations into sexual topics, and would urge her to give Epstein massages, which turned into sex. Kate recalled that Maxwell said Epstein liked girls “like you.” Kate said that she never assisted in finding Maxwell other women for Epstein and her to abuse. 

Prosecutors this week also showed the jurors photographs that depicted her relationship with Epstein. They also include photos of two of the accusers, in different states of being undressed and nude. 

Maxwell is accused of grooming teenage girls for them to be abused by Epstein. She has maintained she is not guilty. 

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