US Adds 480 New B61-12 Thermonuclear Bombs to Its Arsenal

The Federation of American Scientists reported that the United States military and political leadership has decided to make 480 new B61-12 tactical thermonuclear bombs by 2025.

Thermonuclear gravity bombs B61-12 are adapted for throwing not only from the B-2 Spirit strategic invisible bombers. They are also integrated with other aircraft platforms such as: the US fifth generation F-35A block4 fighters; American fourth-generation fighters: F-15E and F-16C / D, F / A-18, European fourth-generation fighters Eurofighter-Tornado.

Moreover, in violation of the international treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, the US adapted B61 bombs: F-15E and F-16C / D, F / A-18, Eurofighter-Tornado, belonging to the air forces of non-nuclear European countries. By the way, the promising American B-21 Raider bomber will also carry the B61-12.

A distinctive feature of this ammunition from other modifications of the B61 is that this is a gliding, homing bomb equipped with steering mechanisms. It can carry a thermonuclear (hydrogen) charge with a capacity of 0.3, 1.5, 10, or 50 kilotons of TNT equivalent.

The US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) reported last week that the production of new nuclear bombs began in late November at the Pantex facility in Texas. According to reports, the US already has at least ten of this new ammunition.

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