FBI’s Biden’s ‘Personal Gestapo’, Roger Stone Says

Former President Donald Trump’s longtime political adviser Roger Stone accused  FBI for becoming President Biden’s “personal Gestapo,” also branding as “harassment” the subpoena he received from the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Hill events

Speaking – during his Sunday appearance on John Catsimatidis’ radio show –  about the raids the FBI conducted while investigating some of the more prominent Trump supporters, including himself, Stone called the agency’s top level staff a group of politicized thugs who are using the FBI as Biden‘s personal Gestapo.

c also rebuked the agency’s decision to investigate Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s house as part of an inquiry into the theft of Biden’s daughter Ashley’s diary before the 2020 election.

He questioned the whole process considering it was the National File blog that has published handwritten pages from it roughly a week before the election and not Project Veritas, so the agency had no reason whatsoever to search the journalist’s home or seize his computers.

Commenting on the subpoena issued for him and the investigation itself, Stone slammed the Congress for having “a lot of turkeys” in an apparent reference to pardons.

Speaking of pardons, Stone himself was pardoned by President Trump in December 2020 after having his 40 months in prison sentence he received in 2019 for procedural violations related to the infamous Russiagate investigation, shortened in July 2020

The former political adviser joked it’ll be his second time being questioned by the House so he know the drill, and that he’ll wait until the December 17 deadline the House Committee provided to make a decision on the subpoena.

He also claimed the committee is using him as clickbait for the far-left since  he wasn’t involved in Capitol Hill’s tragic events.

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