Lukashenko Claims US is Looking for War in Belarus

Launching his latest tirade against the West, Belarusian embattled leader Alexander Lukashenko has accused Washington of using the region’s border humanitarian and migrant crisis to stage a conflict with Belarus.

Lukashenko said the US wants to start a conflict again to create a mess somewhere around there, using the Poles, the Baltic states, and the Ukrainians as proxies in the process

The veteran strongman alleged that the US will supply weapons so that they kill each other while it stands by aside while the economy sinks, waiting to come back with the dollar to “help them.”

Stressing that Europe doesn’t want war, Lukashenko denounced NATO’s potential role in the refugee crisis on the Belarus border with the EU as a provocation for a full-blown assault that the Americans need.

Lukashenko, speaking later from a migrant camp near the border, claimed that the deal allowing migrants that are now on the border to be resettled in Germany is blocked by Poland, warning that unless a solution is found, Europe will choke.

His criticism of the neighboring country came in the light of the deployment of thousands of Polish soldiers, police officers, and border guards to the shared border due to the sharp rise in predominantly Middle Eastern migrants attempting to cross into the EU.

EU has previously accused Belarus of waging a “hybrid war” against Brussels by arranging migrants’ flights from troubled countries like Syria and Iraq for refugees and enticing already present refugees to storm the border fences.

Minsk, refusing these accusations, keeps claiming that it’s no longer able to prevent the migrants’ flow of attempting to cross over the border.

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