Two of 17 US Missionaries Abducted in Haiti Were Released

Photo credit: AP

Two of the 17 American and Canadian Christian missionaries that were kidnapped last month in Haiti and held hostage since have been released on Sunday, informed the group that arranged for their trip, without giving further details.

The Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries said in a statement, quoting the limited information they’ve been provided with, that the released hostages are in good spirits, safe, and are being cared for.

The group didn’t provide any information on the identity of the released hostages or their current whereabouts, also asking those who have more specific information about the release to safeguard it until further notice.

The news of the release was also confirmed by the Haiti National Police spokesperson Garry Desrosiers.

Previously in October, a police source at the island confirmed that the abductors of the 16 US and one Canadian missionary kidnapped earlier the same month on Haiti provided proof of life for them, showing they’re alive despite remaining in the captivity.

The negotiations for the release of all the kidnapped foreigners are led by Haiti’s Central Directorate of the Judicial Police’s anti-kidnapping and counter-kidnapping cell with assistance of several FBI agents, but the Haitian government has issued no comments on the matter since the kidnapping.

According to the police, the 400 Mawozo gang in Port-au-Prince is behind the kidnaping and has demanded a ransom of $1 million per hostage, but the longstanding policy of the Unite States has been not to negotiate with kidnapers and not to pay kidnap ransoms for US citizens.

Since the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse last July, the island has been plagued by violence with the police confirming at least 328 kidnappings in the first eight months of 2021, compared to the 234 in total for 2020.

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