Kamala Harris Says Rittenhouse Ruling a Proof there Is Still A Lot to Be Done on Criminal Justice Equity

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, stated that the verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse’s case is just a reminder that there is a lot more work to do in order to make the criminal justice system be equitable, Fox News informed.

The VP said that the verdict speaks volumes for itself. Harris, who is a lawyer and served as California’s attorney general, said that she had some questions regarding the verdict.

She mentioned that throughout her career she has worked hard in order to get to a point where the justice system of the US would be more equitable, but she pointed out that after this verdict it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty and acquitted on all charges on Friday. He had been charged for shooting and killing two men while wounding another one in rioting that occurred in Kenosha and was sparked by the Jacob Blake police shooting.

The defense lawyers in Rittenhouse’s case claimed that according to a video and testimonies from an eyewitness Rittenhouse acted in self-defense as the three people were chasing him.

US President Joe Biden stated that the ruling made him very angry, but called all Americans to remain calm.

Biden said that although this ruling might make you angry the jury has spoken and the verdict needs to be acknowledged.

The President also stated that he took the presidential position vowing to bring all citizens of the United States together, believing that the things that are uniting the nation are in far greater number than the things that are making divisions.

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