US Offers $10mn Award for Information on Iranian Hackers

US authorities will pay up to 10 million dollars for data on Iranian hackers, Fox News reported.

Washington believes Iranian hackers attempted to interfere in the presidential elections held last year.

“Award of up to $10 million. These hackers worked for the Iranian government to influence the US elections in 2020,” the State Department said on its Twitter account.

The State Department also posted photographs of two Iranians accused of cybercrime, Syed Hossein Kazemi and Sahhad Kashiane.

According to the State Department, Kazemi and Kashian were involved in malicious Iranian cyber operations aimed at the presidential elections in 2020.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that one of the largest Russian retailers specializing in wholesale and retail trade on the Internet has become also a victim of the RedCurl hacker group.

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