Germany’s Health Chief Warns a Bad Winter Ahead

Germany may be in for a lockdown holiday season. 

The head of the European country’s disease control agency said that Germany is heading for a “very bad Christmas season” unless immediate, aggressive actions are taken to stop Covid from spreading. 

The head of the Robert Koch institute (RKI), the disease control agency, Lothar Wieler said even if actions and measures are taken, that the country has before it a period of “extremely dismal days. He warned that deaths were coming, fearing that hundreds would die who are currently infected with Covid.

Today, 65,000 new infections were reported. This makes it the ninth day in a row that a new Pandemic record was set. Wieler says this was just the tip of the iceberg, and that the real number was likely at least two or three times higher. 

In an effort to curb the infection rate, he offered a few solutions, including an increase in vaccination uptake, as well as the issuing of booster shots, which has become popular in the US and UK especially among the most vulnerable.

He also suggested banning large gatherings and for people to limit their social contacts. Furthermore, he said Germany may need to close indoor venue spaces, like nightclubs, but even bars as well. 

There is a fourth wave of Covid sweeping across Europe, worrying experts who warn of bad winters ahead. 

Germany has already introduced some regional regulations lately in an effort to curb the spread. The most aggressive limits access to all non essential places for the unvaccinated. Meaning without a vaccine or proof you have recently recovered from covid, restaurants, gyms and bars, among other places, are off limits. 

In Germany’s neighbor Austria, stricter rules have already been introduced. The country has been hit among the hardest with the latest covid wave, promoting government officials to lock down unvaccinated people. Austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe, with only 66 percent vaccinated.

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