US Support of Afghan’s NRF Would Violate Doha Agreement, Taliban Warn

Photo credit: Reuters

The United States would breach the 2020 Doha agreement between Washington and the Taliban if they support the Afghan resistance, the movement’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, warned on Tuesday.

Mujahid stressed that if the US supports the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF), the peace agreement signed in February 2020 in the Qatari capital would become null and void.

The deal, among other things, guarantees that the country will not turn into a safe haven for terrorists and stipulated the withdrawal of foreign armed forces from Afghanistan in exchange for the Taliban abating violence.

Yet, it seems that the Taliban are also endangering the agreement by not complying with the provision of the deal according to which the Taliban are required to bar al Qaeda from recruiting, fund-raising, training or planning attacks.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Tom West, pointed on Monday that the United States remains deeply concerned about al Qaeda’s ongoing presence in Afghanistan and is worried about an uptick in attacks by Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan, Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISIS-K).

According to the US’s assessments, ISIS-K could be able to strike outside of Afghanistan within six to 12 months while al Qaeda could do the same within a year or two.

West, who’s in Brussels to brief NATO allies on US talks with the Taliban, stressed that Washington wants to see the Taliban establish a record of responsible conduct before seriously considering reopening its Kabul embassy.

He also noted that Washington is preparing for the next round of talks with the Taliban in Doha, but he gave no date for the meeting.

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