China Condemns US Legislators Visiting Taiwan by Military Plane

Citing the China’s defence ministry spokesperson, state broadcaster CCTV reported on Tuesday that Beijing has strongly opposed members of the US Congress visiting Taiwan by military plane, and urged the United States to stop such provocative acts and activities that adds fuel to already inflamed situation in the Taiwan Strait.

The surprise visit organised by Washington’s de facto embassy on Taiwan and the Washington’s American Institute in Taiwan has seen US congressmen landing on the island’s Taipei Songshan Airport after they boarded a US Navy C-40A plane in Manila.

The group, according to Taipei-based Mirror Media, included four senators, two members of the House of Representatives and seven aides but the island’s foreign ministry confirmed the visit only indirectly, noting it was only offering the necessary administrative assistance.

According to the ministry, the relevant information about the trip would be made public at an appropriate time to respect the wishes of the visitors. Quoting the same reason, the Presidential Office also refused to offer further information about the visit.

China’s ministry of Defence spokesman Tan Kefei, however, denounced the visit as a rude interference in China’s internal affairs and has solemnly wared the US to immediately halt the provocative acts and destructive action that threaten to further escalate tension across the Taiwan Strait.

Washington have received repeated warnings from Beijing against having formal contacts with Taiwan and sending officials to the island that China views as its territory it intends to bring back to the mainland’s fold, by force if necessary.

Three US senators enticed in June Beijing’s warning of grave consequences for both the US and Taiwan with its three-hour visit by on a military transport plane during which they had closed-door meetings with Taiwanese officials.

They also announced the US plan to donate to Taiwan supplies of Covid-19 vaccines.

A former US senator and two ex-US State Department officials also met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in April, prompting Beijing to send warplanes to harass Taiwan soon after the visits.

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