Democrats Urged to Greenlight Biden’s Revamped Spending Plan

The $1.75 trillion plan includes money for universal preschool, subsidized child care, and extended tax credit. Climate change action was also added to the plan towards the last minute, with $555 billion to fight it.

It also includes an expansion of Medicare coverage to include hearing services, as well as money towards affordable housing. Some of the funding will go to reduce immigration backlogs. 

Earlier this year, Biden announced a $3.5 trillion spending plan that has been hacked down this week due to trying to get Senate approval. Cut from the plan are things like free community college, lower prescription drug costs, and paid family leave. 

Climate has emerged as the largest category in the new framework. This means the fight against global warming is at the center of the Democratic party’s agenda, especially with the annual UN Climate Change Summit, known as COP26, is set to take place starting Nov. 1 in Glasgow. 

Biden was dealt a setback however as the House of Representatives abandoned their plans to vote on an infrastructure bill. They wanted more time to consider his call for the separate $1.75 trillion spending plan.

Biden had pressed for the House to vote on the bill, which also had a price tag of $1 trillion. However, the House has insisted that the two bills move together, therefore abandoning the planned vote. 

The fight over the totaled $2.75 trillion in spending could shape the economy for years to come. Even though Biden is now in Europe for COP 26, as well as meetings with other world leaders, he remains heavily involved in the negotiations. 

The White House insists that Biden’s plan is still on track, even if it is taking more time than originally planned to go through Congress. 

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