BFP Threatens Fauci with Lawsuit over Gruesome Dog Experiments

The Beagle Freedom Project, animal rights group devoted to fighting animal testing, issued on Wednesday a subtle legal threat against the top White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci and his National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) over reports of animal cruelty and inhumane experiments on dogs, TMZ reports.

The group has added its voice to the growing chorus against Fauci’s infamous record of animal experiments he has come under fire for, hinting it would seek to make such experiments illegal.

The Beagle Freedom Project’s founder and president Shannon Keith demanded in a letter that NIAD and Fauci stop using animals in research, stop funding such projects and to release to BFP the animals are currently in laboratories.

Keith warned that Fauci’s treatment of those animals is nothing short of criminal so perhaps legal changes will convince him to stop the practice, stressing that BFP will make sure it becomes criminal and those who perpetrate it will be punished by law.

Fauci’s experimentation with beagles was initially exposed and denounced by White Coat Waste Project, a group fighting against animal testing and the use of taxpayer money to fund it, followed by a bipartisan chorus of dog-lovers.

Even the Congress members which has been largely tacitly approving of Fauci’s decades-long controversial record of experiments, including gain-of-function ones, have gone on the warpath upon learning of the horrific animal experiments with a group of 24 lawmakers issuing an ultimatum to Fauci last Thursday demanding information on how many similar dog experiments NIAID had funded since 2018 and how much was spent on them.

Given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had no requirement for such tests, they also demanded to know why Fauci was using dogs in the experiments and whether the dogs were made available for adoption following the brutal treatment.

Despite the fierce criticism, WaPo columnist Dana Milbank praised Fauci’s beagle research on Monday, trying at the same time to distance Fauci’s agency from the National Institutes of Health and pointing that it was the NIH that bankrolled the most horrific experiments.

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