Hacker Defaced Trump’s Site, Posted Video of Erdogan, Surah from Quran

Screen shot of hacked website

In the latest in a series of digital hacker attacks targeting US businesses and political entities, a purported pro-Turkey “hacktivist” has hacked and defaced former President Donald Trump’s website on Monday, Forbes reports.

The hacktivist called RootAyyildiz, who claimed responsibility for the attack, has defaced one of the subdomains of Trump’s website posting a video of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the “action” section of Trump’s website as well as an excerpt from the Surah Al-Hashr from the Quran on the defaced website.

The “action” subdomain of website is the place where the ex-POTUS posted calls for his followers to sign petitions or urged them to ask his campaign questions.

The video was accompanied by the message “Hacked by RootAyyildiz” as well as links to Facebook and Instagram pages containing references to both Turkey and Erdogan that were removed by Monday afternoon and action.donaldjtrump.com redirected to the homepage of Trump’s website.

The website’s archive on the Wayback Machine suggests that it has been up and down throughout most of September and October with one of the earlier versions of the hacking containing only a reference to the Surah Al-Hashr from the Quran, saying “this happens when you forget Allah”.

This version also attributed the attack not only to the hacker RootAyyildiz, but also to 1877 TEAM.

Not much is known about RootAyyildiz, identified on their Facebook page as “Turkish Defacer”, who claimed in an interview for online media outlet Motherboard that the defacing was their way of making their voice heard.

He claims to be a 19-year-old Turkish hacktivist who also targeted Trump’s website three months ago to protest against the anti-Turkey and anti-Islam stances of the United States.

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