Faced with Raging Migrant Crisis, DHS to Reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Biden administration was ordered by a federal judge to enforce and implement the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) after the court responded to the lawsuit filed by Texas and Missouri claiming that the termination of the policy is illegal and harmful, Fox News reports.

After the Supreme Court upheld the ruling on Friday, the Department of Homeland Security said it’s ready to reinstate Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy by mid-November.

In 2019, Trump administration established and expanded MPP that envisages sending migrants back to Mexico while waiting for their immigration proceedings instead of being released into the US which was criticized as inhumane process that leaves migrants open to violence and exploitation by cartels and other criminals on the Mexican side of the border, where migrants gathered in de facto camps.

Despite the soaring migrant numbers, Biden administration formally ended the policy in June, before the court ruling ordered a reversal amid the ongoing border crisis and the calls from the Republicans and border officials for Biden administration to re-implement the policy.

Missouri and Texas sued DHS in April over the ending of MPP and won at the district court, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and at the US Supreme Court, after which they accused the Biden administration of having slow-walked that reimplementation.

The filing said it had engaged in talks with Mexico, finalized operational plans and has also issued a task order to rebuild the soft-sided facilities (which were commonly referred to as “court tents”) in Laredo and Brownsville, Texas to the tune of $14.1 million — with a predicted $10.5 million a month in operational costs.

“As a result of this progress, DHS anticipates being in a position to re-implement MPP by mid-November dependent on decisions made by Mexico.”

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