Politico: Washington Won’t Impose Sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Washington will not take new measures against Nord Stream 2 in the near future, Politico writes.

As the publication reminds, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has repeatedly insisted on restrictions. “But the Biden administration, as the source said, made it clear that no sanctions will be imposed during his presidency,” the article says.

Earlier it was reported that Cruise, in an attempt to push the White House to take more decisive action, is delaying the approval of 59 US ambassadors. According to Politico, now this number is w seven ambassadors.

Cruz is the author of the toughest sanctions against the pipeline and is now dissatisfied with the fact that the current administration has freed some of the key participants in the project from restrictions, has come to terms with its existence, and now proposes to focus on minimizing the consequences of its launch for the energy security of Europe.

Last summer, Washington acknowledged the completion of Nord Stream 2 in a joint statement with Berlin. The statement highlighted that in the interests of Kyiv and Europe, it is necessary to preserve the pumping of Russian gas through Ukraine after 2024.

In addition, Berlin is committed to using all available leverage to facilitate the extension of the transit agreement for up to ten years.

The House of Representatives of the US Congress recently also gave a green light to a defense budget that supports tougher sanctions against Russia, including new measures against Nord Stream 2.

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