Pandemic Will Give Russia and China an Edge over US in Military Sphere

Representatives of the US Army have published the results of large-scale studies, according to which the coronavirus pandemic could give Moscow and Beijing a military advantage over Washington, Forbes reported.

Forbes says that the consequences of the pandemic will be equally divided between Russia, China, and the US. However, the peculiarities of domestic policy may allow Washington’s opponents to go far ahead militarily.

According to experts, during the pandemic, Russia and China will only accelerate the renewal and improvement of their troops. At the same time, the Americans are forced to curtail most of their military programs and redirect funds to implement projects in other areas.

According to experts, the United States may fall behind competitors as early as 2023.

It is emphasized that the Pentagon is already significantly lagging behind its opponents in some areas related to the development of new weapons, including hypersonic ones.

Earlier, ex-Pentagon employee Daniel Gouret said that the growing military power of Russia could become a big problem for the US.

According to him, at present, the Americans are throwing all their strength into the fight against the Chinese threat in the Pacific Ocean, but at the same time, they forget about the existence of a much more serious enemy on the world stage.

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