Iran Showcases New Majid Air Defense System

The Iranian anti-aircraft missile defense system continues to improve, as the industry of the Islamic Republic aims offer the troops more and more options for anti-aircraft missile systems, Tehran stated while showcasing its new air defense system.

Moreover, as noted in Tehran itself, Western sanctions play a special role, especially since they lead to the need to deal with import substitution issues against the background of the development of their technologies in the military sphere.

One of the novelties of the Iranian military-industrial complex is the Majid air defense system, designated as AD-08.

According to the latest information, these complexes are designed to cover ground targets along the inner perimeter. The fact is that the AD-08 is a short-range air defense system. 

Iranian media also reports that the air defense system is capable of intercepting targets at distances up to 8 kilometers. Target detection is carried out using a radar, which is also a part of the complex.

The footage by Iranian military showed how air defense system was deployed to destroy unmanned aerial vehicle. 

It is also worth noting that the vehicle chassis for the air defense missile system with two guides (launchers) for the release of missiles is an Iranian-made vehicle platform. This is ARAS-2. Such a truck appeared on the equipment of the Iranian troops relatively recently.

 But in a short time, up to a hundred such vehicles have already been delivered to the Iranian army, including as the mentioned platforms for the AD-08. To install the air defense system, the sides of the truck are removed, Iranian media adds.

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