LUNCHTIME POLITICS: Manchin, Sinema Ratings – Child Payment Program – Biden’s Approval Slips

Your Daily Polling Update for Thursday, October 7, 2021

Down 2 since Monday

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on five polls, ranging from 40% (Quinnipiac) to 45% (Rasmussen, Politico). Biden’s disapproval rating averages 50% today (down 2 from Monday), putting him 6 points net negative.

Among voters statewide

Terry McAuliffe (D) over Glenn Youngkin (R): +1 (49-48)
RON’S COMMENT: This poll shows McAuliffe barely holding on to a lead. It also shows that President Biden’s approval is underwater––45% approve/48% disapprove––in a state he won by 10 points in 2020…. When voters were asked if Biden’s endorsement of McAuliffe make them more or less likely to support his candidacy, 22% said more likely, 39% said less likely and 38% said no difference. Perhaps this is why McAuliffe has been lamenting the president’s lack of popularity in his state…. Incumbent Democrat AG Mark Herring is beating Republican Jason Miyares by a thin 46-44 margin in the poll.

Among adults nationwide

Findings from the new Quinnipiac poll report:  

  • 55% of Americans say the Biden administration is not competent in running the government and only 42% say it is.
  • Biden’s handling of the coronavirus: 48% approve, 50% disapprove; 
  • Biden’s handling of the economy: 39% approve, 55% disapprove;
  • Biden’s handling of his job as Commander in Chief of the U.S. military: 37% approve, 58% disapprove;
  • Biden’s handling of taxes: 37% approve, 54% disapprove;
  • Biden’s handling of foreign policy: 34% approve, 58% disapprove; 
  • Biden’s handling of immigration issues: 25% approve, while 67% disapprove; 
  • Biden’s handling of the situation at the Mexican border: 23% approve, while 67% disapprove.

RON’S COMMENT: These issue approval numbers are terrible for President Biden. His handling of the coronavirus has been his ace in the hole, but no more; it’s now net negative. His approval ratings on handling the military, foreign policy and tax issues are well below 40%. His handling of border and immigration issues is a disaster––23%, 25%.
On Biden’s personal traits, the poll finds Americans believe that: 

  • Biden cares about average Americans: 49% say yes, 48% say no
  • Biden is honest: 50% say no, 44% say yes
  • Biden has good leadership skills: 56% say no, 41% say yes

RON’S COMMENT: These numbers show Biden slipping considerably since April. His best trait, according to Americans, is caring about average people.

Among voters nationwide

Support/Opposition: As you may know, on July 15, 2021 the Treasury Department began making payments of up to $300 a month per child to most families with children, also known as expanded child tax credit payments. Do you support or oppose these expanded child tax credit payments? 
Support: 50%
Oppose: 38%
RON’S COMMENT: 74% of Democrats, 30% of Republicans, 44% of independents, 74% of Blacks, 55% of Hispanics and 47% of Whites support the child payments.
Make permanent: As you may know, the expanded child tax credit payments are set to expire next year. Do you think the payments should be made permanent? 
Yes, make program permanent: 35%
No, don’t make program permanent: 52%
RON’S COMMENT: While 50% of voters support the current child tax credit payments, only 35% want to make these payments permanent. 

Among voters nationwide

Personal ratings nationally:
Joe Manchin: 25% favorable/42% unfavorable
Kyrsten Sinema: 19% favorable/37% unfavorable
RON’S COMMENT: The ratings of both Sens. Manchin and Sinema are under water among voters across the nation. By party: 

  • Among Democrats: Manchin is 15% favorable/55% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans: Manchin is 32% favorable/26% unfavorable.
  • Among independents: Manchin is 23% favorable/34% unfavorable.
  • Among Democrats: Sinema is 11% favorable/51% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans: Sinema is 24% favorable/22% unfavorable.
  • Among independents: Sinema is 18% favorable/29% unfavorable.

RON’S COMMENT: Democratic voters nationwide have turned on these two Democratic senators with a vengeance. They now do better among Republicans than members of their own party.

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
Virginia: Emerson College/Nexstar, Oct. 1-3
BIDEN ON ISSUES: Quinnipiac University, Oct. 1-4. 
MANCHIN, SINEMA RATINGS: The Economist/YouGov, Oct. 3-5
CHILD PAYMENT PROGRAM: Politico/Morning Consult. Oct. 2-4

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