Generation Alpha Will Face 7 Times More Extreme Climate Events

Photo credit: Business Insider

Children born today are likely to face seven times more extreme weather events than their grandparents. New research published in Science, an academic journal, estimates how many extreme climate events will happen in the future on the current trajectory.

Using many climate and demographic models, it is estimated that the lifetime exposure to extreme weather will increase. Extreme weather events includes wildfires, droughts, floods, crop failures, heat waves and tropical cyclone.

New research published in Science, an academic journal, attempts to estimate how many of these extreme events young people will face over their lifetimes.

Drawing on multiple climate and demographic models, the researchers estimate lifetime exposure to six extreme weather events—wildfires, crop failures, droughts, river floods, heat waves and tropical cyclones—will increase not only in frequency, but also intensity and duration.

The report says that younger generations’ lives and safety will be “severely threatened” by climate change. 

The report details that a child who is seven this year will experience 36 times more heatwaves than someone who was born in 1960. In terms of other climate disasters, children are expected to face twice as many wildfires, twice as many cyclones, three times as many floods of rivers, and four times the crop failure and five times as many droughts.

These whopping, exponential increase shows the alarming rate in which climate change is changing our future. 

The report says that the weather will continue getting worse unless world leaders take the crisis seriously and act to mitigate it. 

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