Over 53% Americans Distrust Biden& Gov. on Covid-19 Information

President Joe Biden will visit every 9/11 location where hijacked planes crashed in 2001 to pay tribute to those who were killed in the attack, commemorating the 20th anniversary of tragic event.
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Covid-19 pandemic has obviously stricken a significant blow on President Biden trust among Americans, the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index released Tuesday shows

According to the survey data, 53% of Americans said they have no much trust or no trust at all in Biden to provide them with accurate information about the pandemic while 45% said they either trust the president a great deal or a fair amount.

That’s a 5% slip in trust since January, not long after his inauguration, when 58% of respondents supported the president on the coronavirus pandemic.

The trust in Biden is again divided by party lines with his support almost entirely among Democrats (81%) and Independents (41%) while only 11% of Republicans said they trust Biden.

Cliff Young, president of Ipsos US public affairs, said that it’s Delta variant of the virus and other issues that have really undermined the perception of Americans of how much they can trust his assurances on curbing the pandemic.

It’s clear that apart pushing vaccine mandates onto the American public, it also didn’t help Biden that there’s no clear end to the pandemic in sight. He also faced scrutiny because of his strong support for the third, booster shot ahead of any FDA’s decision.

But it’s not only President Biden facing trust deficit among Americans when it comes to Covid-19 since it extends to the entire federal government that only enjoys the trust of 49% of Americans compared to  54% only two weeks ago.

State government, in addition, enjoys insignificantly higher, 50% trust among Americans when it comes to providing accurate information on the pandemic, down from 54% earlier this month.

Further, both Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (64% ) and national public health officials (60%)have lost at least 2 percent of public trust compared to the previous poll.

Young also notes that people have adapted to the pandemic and have countermeasures they trust, but are still in the middle of it and frustrated since it hasn’t gone away.  

Yet, only less than 15% of Americans believe now that gatherings with friends and family or dining out pose a large health risk, while only 27% think that air travel poses a risk because of Covid-19.

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