DPRK’s Envoy to UN Says US Poses Military Threat to North Korea

Photo credit-Reuters

North Korea’s envoy to the UN, Kim Song, blamed the United States for posing a constant military threat to DPRK and stressed it has to stop the ongoing joint combat drills with South Korea in order to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula, Xinhua reports.

Kim Song said that the US hostile policy towards the DPRK is not at all abstract and that the country has been antagonizing the DPRK for more than 70 years, posing nuclear threats and maintaining with its almost 30,000 troops stationed at numerous military bases in South Korea a war posture to take military action against the DPRK at any moment.

DPRK’s envoy called for the US to withdraw its anachronistic, hostile policy towards the DPRK as precondition for good prospect to be open for inter-Korean relations and the US-DPRK relations.

He stressed that the US hostile policies began long before DPRK developed its home-grown nuclear arsenal despite the common belief of many fellow UN member states that the antagonism stems solely from its possession of nuclear weapons,

His address to the general debate of the 76th session of the UNGA has coincided with earlier reports that North Korea launched at least one suspected ballistic missile in the direction of the Sea of Japan with no immediate information available about the type of the projectile and the location of the launch site.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga stated following the reports that he issued instructions to secure the safety of Japan’s marine and air traffic as well as to prepare for contingencies while Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff only confirmed that an unidentified projectile has been fired from an inland location in North Korea and noted South Korean and US intelligence are analyzing the launch details.

The latest in the Pyongyang’s series of weapons tests raised questions about the sincerity of its recent offer for talks with South Korea suggested last week by Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of DPRK leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Yo Jong pointed that her country is open to resuming talks and reconciliatory steps providing conditions are met, asking Seoul to abandon hostile polices and double-dealing standards in an effort many consider as DPRK’s try to win relief from US-led sanctions or other concessions.

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