Pfizer Booster Shots Rolled Out in the U.S.

The governor's bleak remarks come as West Virginia battles with a spike in COVID-19 cases as a result of early vaccine success.
Image credit: EPA

Covid vaccination booster shots were rolled out across the United States this weekend. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized last week a third shot, or a booster shot, of the Pfizer vaccine for the most vulnerable. This includes people 65 and older, as well as anyone who has a high risk of severe disease and anyone frequently exposed to the virus. 

The new approval for the booster shot has made many Americans eligible to receive their third shot. 

President Joe Biden received his Pfizer booster, encouraging others to do the same. 

So far, doctors and experts have said there isn’t enough data to support mixing vaccinations, and only the Pfizer vaccination has been approved thus far for a third shot. The data needed to determine whether to advise booster shots for the Moderna or the Johnson & Johnson vaccines is still weeks away. 

While health officials have not yet advised for everyone, experts say they expect boosters will ultimately be recommended for the vast majority. 

Other countries, such as the UK, have also begun booster shots for their most vulnerable populations. 

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