2021 Set To Be Worst Year in Gun Violence in Decades

2021 is on pace to be the worst year of gun violence in decades. 

A horrifying total of 14,516 people died from gun violence between January 1 and September 15 of this year. Compared to this same period of time last year, it is a nine percent increase. 

Mass shootings in the U.S. also increased. In this time, there were nearly 500 mass shootings, averaging to approximately 2 mass shootings a day. This number is 15 percent higher than 2020’s. A mass shooting is characterized by the death of four or more people killed or wounded by the gunfire. 

Sales of guns and ammunition were at a record number in 2020. Twenty three million firearms were sold last year, a whopping 65 percent increase since 2019. This year, gun sales spiked in the beginning of the year, with 2.2 million sold in January alone. 

Numbers are showing that while 2020 may have been the biggest year for firearm sales, 2021 will come in second. Sales this year are surpassing all years prior to 2020.

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