Trump Says He has No Choice but to Run for President in 2024

Photo credit: Paul Weaver/SOPA Images

Commenting the current situation in the US as disgraceful, former President Donald Trump has teased the audience again with his plans for 2024 elections, Fox News says.

Trump has commented his potential White House bid in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, stressing that the United States is getting to a point where he really have no other choice but to run for president again.

Underlying that Biden divisive administration has exposed the US to the greatest embarrassment in the history of the country with the hastened withdrawal of the US troop from Afghanistan, Trump blasted Biden’s incompetence as the leader of our country.

Though it’s still not clear if and when Trump will make a formal announcement on his 2024 plans, he told people they’ll be happy when asked about his potential campaign decision by a group of law enforcement officials at an event.

Meanwhile, a CNN survey found that while overwhelmingly backing Trump as the leader of their party, Republicans are split about if he should be their standard-bearer in 2024.

While 63% of the Republicans and 37% of Republican-leaning independents say Trump should continue to be the leader of the Republican Party, only 51% believe he could help GOP reclaim the White House compared to 48% who believe the party would be more successful with another nominee for the 2024 run.

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