Latest Houthi Missile Attack in Saudi Arabia Condemned by the US

In the wake of the latest missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Region during the weekend by Iran-backed Houthi militia, the United States led on Sunday the unequivocal, global condemnation of Yemen’s act, Arab News reports.

US State Secretary Antony Blinken stressed that these attacks threaten the lives of the Kingdom’s residents, including more than 70,000 US citizens and called on the Houthis to stop cross-border attacks and attacks inside of Yemen, urging them to find a peaceful diplomatic solution to end the conflict.

Blinken again asked the Houthis to immediately agree to a comprehensive ceasefire and to also stop the exacerbating the humanitarian crisis and prolonging the conflict with their attacks inside of Yemen, particularly their offensive on Marib.  

The US Mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh has also categorically condemned the latest Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia, calling them unlawful and completely unacceptable and pointing they serve no legitimate military objective and prolong the Yemen conflict.

The Embassy urged the Houthis to immediately cease these senseless attacks and start working toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the conflict, underlining the US support and commitment to its longstanding strategic partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and saying it;s ready to help Saudi Arabia defend its people and territory.

US allies also joined the condemnation of Houthis with the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab calling the attacks reckless behavior by the Houthis- facilitated by Iran- that threatens innocent civilians and hinders efforts toward regional stability.

Their condemnation and support for Saudi Arabia were also echoed in the statements issued by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Muslim World League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization (ARCO).

They raised their concerns over the repeated attacks on civilian facilities in the Kingdom and endangering civilians and underlined the violations of the principles of international humanitarian law is also a threat to global security since a number of these attack are directed to areas that supply the world with oil, which is the backbone of everyday life.

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