GOP Senator Graham Believes US Troops Will Return to Afghanistan

In the wake of the humiliatingly fast military withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover of the country soon afterward, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham stressed in an interview with BBC that American troops will return to Afghanistan as they went back into Iraq and Syria, ramping up at the same time the calls to impeach the “derelict” US President Joe Biden for ignoring sound advice with regards to the withdrawal operation.

The outspoken Republican senator, asked if he sincerely believes that Washington will be willing to return to the country that is now under de-facto control of the Taliban, said that the US simply has no other choice since because the terror threat will be large, noting that Afghanistan could turn into a hotspot for radical Islam as well as a safe haven for al-Qaeda terrorists.

Graham explained the US went back to Iraq- where 2,500 troops are stationed at the moment helping local forces to repel the Islamic State threat – exactly due to the concerns for the rise of terrorist elements.

He argues Graham the US has few options at the moment regarding the current situation in Afghanistan- either take a ‘that’s no longer my problem’ stance or a ‘hit before they hit you’ approach, but his solution also includes helping the resistance group in the Panjshir valley which will, in return, prevent the Taliban to govern Afghanistan.

Graham warned last month that he fears a “parade of horribles” is to unfold in Afghanistan with the chance of another 9/11 going through the roof, explaining that with the rise of the resistance against the Taliban, ISIS will also go after its enemy and entire country is going to fall apart, creating a perfect conditions for attack against Western interests.

After the Talban forces took Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on 15 August almost without a fight and proclaimed the end of the 20-year-long war, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced Monday that the war in Afghanistan has ended after they had conquered Afghanistan’s last holdout of resistance, the Panjshir province.

He also said thr announcement about the composition of the new government can be expected in the next few days.

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