Moldovan Party of Communists Blasts US Plans to Send Afghan Refugees to the Country

After the US State Department published a list of states- including Moldova- that would receive Afghan refugees in the wake of its troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Moldovan Party of Communists blasted Washington saying it has no moral right to inflict the ramifications of its geopolitical collapse on other countries, Russian media report.

The party said the US is the only one to blame for the current crisis in Afghanistan and noted it has no moral right to make other countries suffer the consequences of their geopolitical failures even Washington considers them as his vassals.

According to Moldova’s top officials the party quoted, like Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu and Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, there were no discussions regarding accepting Afghan refugees nor any decisions are made in that context.

That being said, the Party of Communists believes two options could’ve led to US State Department’s putting Moldova on that list: either Moldova’s leading politicians are shamelessly lying to its own people or the US handed down an instruction without finding necessary to discuss this with Moldovan authorities.

They argue that the situation is very degrading for Moldova as a sovereign state and its citizens and demanded this issue to be discussed publicly, particularly in parliament, threatening to question of the high-ranking Moldovan officials are fit for their offices considering the possibility that they spinelessly gave up the country to be ruled from overseas.

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