State Department Reveals that 350 US Citizens Are Still Waiting to Flee Afghanistan

A number of 350 US citizens are still stranded in Afghanistan and are trying to flee in the what is the final US withdrawal effort additionally tarnished by the terrorist bombing that occurred at the Kabul airport, Fox News informed.

According to a spokesperson for the State Department, at least 5,400 US citizens have been evacuated to safety since August 14. This number includes around 300 Americans who were saved within the last few days.

However, around 350 US citizens are still to be evacuated from Afghanistan and they have reported to the State Department that they intend to leave the South Asian country.

Officials from the State Department claim that they are providing around-the-clock assistance to all those citizens that showed intent to be evacuated.

Additionally, the State Department said that it has been in communication with another 280 Americans who have neither shared their intentions to leave Afghanistan nor said that they are going to stay there.

The evacuation flights from the Hamid Karzai International airport in Kabul proceeded after the terrorist bombing attack, behind which was ISIS-K, killed 13 US military service members.

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