Resignation Calls Resurface after Biden Doesn’t Deny Giving Names of Americans to Taliban

Responding to a Politico report during Thursday’s press conference in the wake of terrorist attacks on Kabul airports, President Biden has prompted outrage from military officials and renewed calls for his resignation admitting that officials in his administration had provided names of Americans in Afghanistan to the Taliban to help usher them safely to the airport, Fox News reports.

He confirmed the previous speculations that in an effort to secure them entry to the airport, US officials gave Taliban a list with names and whereabouts of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies and noted that the “bulk of that group” has been let through.

This resulted in outrage not only from military officials behind the scenes but also among social media users that started referring to the list as a “kill list”, pointing that it essentially dooms some people cleared to travel to the airport but that are not on the specific lists provided.

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn called the move absolutely reckless and horrific demanding in a tweet for every single person involved in this scandal to resign or be impeached.

After condemning ISIS-K for the attack vowing to hunt down everyone responsible and make them pay for the attacks, Biden did accept responsibility for pretty much all that’s happened and the way things have unfolded in Afghanistan in the last two weeks but nevertheless mentioned former President Trump and his announcement to pull troops from Afghanistan.

During the heated exchange that followed with the journalists asking questions, Biden tilted his head down in one moment, and that image many people called ‘defining image of the Biden administration’ was quickly shared across Twitter along with some mocking comments like the one that even Biden’s sign language interpreter gave up as well as more resigning calls from affluent people like Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini.

Meanwhile, it seems that US allies have similar documents issue with news spreading that during the recent evacuation of the UK embassy in Kabul, British diplomats have left behind documents with personal data of Afghan employees including names, addresses and contact details.

This shows that the embassy staff violated the evacuation protocol of the UK Embassy to Afghanistan according to which all the documents that could compromise Afghan citizens cooperating with the diplomatic mission had to be destroyed before the evacuation.

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