Ukrainian Official Slams US-Led West for Believing Liberal Democracy Appeals to Everyone

Pointing to the US dramatic failure to build strong democracy in Afghanistan and defeat the Taliban, Alexey Arestovich, adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine, says the world isn’t really interested in taking part in idealistic political experiments, Teller Report writes.

Arestovich, senior advisor to Andrey Yermak, the chief of staff to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, argues that liberal democracy Americans tried to impose in Afghanistan – and failed miserably- is a political system that can destroy people just like the totalitarian regimes.

This proves that not everyone has signed up to the West’s ideology, he said, bashing the West for tryig to imposing a world where everyone has “Netflix and LGBT marches” while attacking everyone who dares to doubt the doctrine.

Arestovich believes Washington miscalculated in trying to build liberal democracy for all, just like USSR before, because the concept of unifying everyone under a single ideal, that has been at the head of the collective West, is not an idea the world is well adapted too so the idealistic experiments like the one in Afghanistan are doomed to fail.

He noted that similar attempts in Ukraine were proved entirely pointless since Kiev doubted the ability of the United States to build a new, democratic state in Ukraine due to its systematic misconceptions on this subject and disappointment of the Ukrainian ruling circles in the US policy since they pursue their own interests in the first place.

A point of view similar to that expressed by Arestovich was previously expressed by Yuriy Romanenko, the head of the political programs of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, who believes the US has taught Ukraine a dark lesson in the situation with Kabul- that if Kiev is not ready to fight for himself, the Americans are not going to take a lot of steam.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden claimed that said that the US’s goal has never been building a “cohesive centralized democracy” in Afghanistan but finding and punishing people responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack and preventing  Al-Qaeda to use Afghanistan as a platform for attacks on the United States.

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