FAA Penalties on Unruly Passengers Top $1mn

US Aviation grants 5G
Image credit: EPA

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed $531,545 in civil fines against 34 airline customers for disruptive behavior on Thursday, increasing the year’s total to almost $1 million, Reuters reports.

The number of recorded incidents of passengers causing disruptions on planes has increased significantly in the United States. On social media, a number of recordings of clashes have gotten a lot of attention.

The FAA has received 3,889 reports of disruptive passengers since the beginning of the year, including 2,867 instances of persons refusing to comply with the federal face mask order in the United States.

The FAA has recommended more than $1 million in penalties for disruptive passengers this year.

The Transportation Security Administration said on Tuesday that existing mask regulations for airports, aircraft, trains, and transportation hubs will be extended until January 18.

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson requested U.S. airports to help in the fight against disruptive airplane passengers earlier this month. He imposed a “zero tolerance policy” on disruptive flight passengers indefinitely starting from March.

Dickson also out that drinking frequently adds to risky conduct and asked airports to prohibit passengers from bringing alcoholic beverages on board.

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