Taliban Forces to Enforce Brutal Sharia Law in Afghanistan

There are growing fears that the Taliban forces are about to implement the Sharia Law, which is widely known for its brutal enforcement as a trademark, putting the lives of the people that US President Joe Biden professed of being champion at high risk, Fox News informed.

While the Taliban’s offensive in Afghanistan has reached Kabul, the capital city, the group vowed to declare the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the presidential building.

The Taliban forces have taken over the country and ruled it for 5 years under the same name before US coalition forces drove them out. This was in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The Taliban back then had also imposed their strict interpretation of the Sharia Law on Afghanistan citizens.

They have used some brutal tactics to enforce the dictatorship based on religion for five years while they were ruling the country. The tactics included whippings, stonings, and public executions.

Under the Taliban rule, simple and mundane activities for a person in the west were now banned, including a ban on playing music.

Thefts were punished very harshly, with hand amputations of those who had been found guilty of the crimes.

The rule of the Taliban was particularly dangerous for women’s rights which Biden has often said to champion.

Women had to wear burkas all the time and were being able to go outside their home only with permission signed by a man.

The education for young girls was also banned under the Taliban rule.

Although the Taliban forces have recently signaled their intention not to go back to the dark period of time that characterized their previous country rule, some of the reports say that they do not intend to keep to their side of the bargain.

According to NBC News, they do not intend to abide to their agreement, one official commented on their plans.

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