Former Swedish PM Blasts US for Handling Afghanistan Withdrawal Worse that USSR

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in the wake of US troops’ withdrawal is a catastrophe that will affect US foreign and security policy and will undermine global confidence in Washington, former Swedish PM Carl Bildt wrote on his blog in a scathing criticism of the Biden administration.

Bildt placed the main blame for the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban he called a dark day that has dark consequences, to former US President Donald Trump who agreed the US troops’ pullout with the Taliban, but not less guilty is current President Joe Biden who not only continued, but almost accelerated that decision.

He argues that Trump’s agreement with the Taliban contained nothing that meant a political solution but gave them green light to pursue the military solution they’ve been striving for all along.

According to Bildt, the tweet the US Embassy in Kabul send urging all US citizens to leave the country ASAP was a turning point and clear signal for the imminent collapse prompting Afghan President Ghani to leave the country as the Taliban invaded Kabul and western embassies carried out emergency evacuations.

He underlines that confidence in the Afghan Army and security forces was shattered the minute US alarmed that everything’s lost since an army’s strength is not its weapons, but its morals and confidence the Afghan army obviously lacked to begin with.

Bildt believes this unfortunate situation could’ve been prevented – and should have been – if the US and NATO have kept their forces in and around Kabul, thus preventing the Taliban to conquer it, grudgingly concluding that USSR handled its exodus from Afghanistan decades ago way better than the US now.

He underscored that the catastrophic Taliban takeover would definitely affect US foreign and security policy in the future and will undermine global confidence in the US, depicting its general rhetoric as empty, pointing that United States that wants less and dares even less is a United States that cannot contribute to international stability in the same way.

Bild points that the reaction of the outside world remains to be seen, summing up that all of this is, in fact, affecting all of them.

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