Elizabeth Prelogar Nominated for Solicitor General’s Permanent Position by President Biden

Harvard educated veteran appellate lawyer Elizabeth Prelogar, who was representing Biden administration interests at the Supreme Court last seven months, was tapped for solicitor General position on a permanent basis by President Biden, Politico reports quoting a White House official.

Prelogar’s rich CV includes clerking for Attorney General Merrick Garland during his D.C. Circuit tenure, and for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, the only woman to have been solicitor general; she served as a prosecutor on special counsel Robert Mueller’s staff during his Russiagate investigation into Trump campaign and Russia, and she also served as an attorney in the solicitor general’s office for five years.

If confirmed by the Senate, Prelogar would be the second woman to ever be in charge of representing the US during litigation before the Supreme court though speculations circle that her ties to Garland might’ve been the reason for Biden’s delay in making a nomination for the position, raising concerns the key position will lack a permanent occupant in October when the justices open their next term with oral arguments.

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